Exceed PCA 49(1)(b) and 49(1)(f) – Fine With Conviction

Our client was facing charges of Exceed PCA 49(1)(b) and 49(1)(f). He was caught during a random breath test while driving to see his elderly mother. Prior to this, he had drunk two VB stubbies and received a phone call notifying him that his mother had a fall.

It was also the client’s 4th drink driving offence and, on a previous related charge in 2006, he already received a suspended term of imprisonment.

We represented the client at the Broadmeadows Magistrates’ Court.

The magistrate imposed a fine with conviction. This was a very good result for the client considering that it was his fourth 0.5 offence and especially that he had already been given a term of imprisonment during his last drink driving charge.

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