Driving While Impaired By Drugs – Good Behaviour Bond

Our client was a lady in her early 40’s who tested positive for methamphetamines after being pulled over for a random roadside drug test. She was eventually charged with Driving While Impaired By Drugs.

Kristina Kothrakis acted in behalf of the client at the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court.

During our conference with the client, she instructed that she was not a drug taker, but that she was abusing diet pills by taking them indiscriminately. These pills were from overseas and did not always pass Australia’s drug standards.

We found out that our client went through a near-death car accident. She was deeply traumatised by this event so much that it took her 8 years of physical rehabilitation to overcome the trauma. She was later rendered unable to meet the required level of exercise necessary so she could maintain her preferred weight. This had led her to abusing the diet pills so she could meet her weight goals.

We provided the magistrate with evidence of the car accident including other references that substantiate our client’s instructions. The magistrate was convinced that given the circumstances of the offending, our client’s moral culpability was reduced. It must also be noted that the offence was committed at a time prior to the introduction of laws mandating licence suspensions for drug driving offences.

Ultimately, our client received a good behaviour bond with no conviction. Further, no order was made against her licence.

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