Drink Driving – Withdrawn

Our client was charged with drink driving in late 2001 after having been found with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.162. The charge and warrant were filed by the police at the Broadmeadows Magistrates’ Court in July 2002. If our client was to be found guilty, he could receive the mandatory minimum licence penalty of 16 months. However, the warrant was executed only on July 20, 2013, which essentially means that there was a delay of 12 years between the charge and the first hearing date.

We represented the client at the Sunshine Magistrates’ Court.

During the 12 years that followed the charge, our client changed address multiple times but has always informed VicRoads of the changes. We provided copies of letters from VicRoads as evidence to support this claim. Our client had plenty of opportunities to be notified about his pending warrant but has never been once informed: he had multiple police checks for employment purposes, pulled over by police for traffic infringements, as well as went through international points of departure when he went overseas.

Our client’s family and finances will greatly suffer if the court was to find him guilty and impose the mandatory licence penalty. As he had moved houses before the warrant was executed, a loss of licence would mean that he won’t be able to drive to work and eventually be unable to pay his mortgage. He also won’t be able to see his children.

During the case conference, we were able to establish to the Police Prosecution that the 12-year delay amounted to an abuse of process. We drafted a comprehensive email prior to the court date detailing the history of the matter with emphasis on the excessive delay. We pointed out the numerous consequences that our client could face if the matter is to proceed and, ultimately, why the charge should rightfully be withdrawn. The matter was eventually resolved at the first mention date with the Police prosecution agreeing to withdraw the charge.

This was a great result as our client received no significant licence penalty. Our thorough preparation also enabled the Police Prosecution to withdraw the charge on the morning of our client’s first appearance; thus saving our client the stress and costs of further court appearances.

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